Importance of Preventative Care for Pets

To learn more about the importance of preventative care for pets, please contact Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama at (205) 267-1300.

Benefits of Pet Grooming

To learn more about pet grooming, visit Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic ​​​​and Pet Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama (205) 267-1300 to book an appointment.

Reasons Your Pet May Need Soft Tissue Surgeries

Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic and Pet Hotel in Birmingham, AL share reasons why your pet may need soft tissue surgeries. Call us today at 205.267.1300.

Why to Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic in Birmingham, AL shares when to get your pet spayed/neutered in order to promote their health. Call us at 205.267.1300.

Importance of Pet Grooming

There are many benefits to pet grooming like promoting good health, sanitization, etc. Call Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic in Birmingham AL: 205.267.1300.

Benefits of Professional Pet Boarding

The benefits of professional pet boarding at Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic in Birmingham, AL is the quality & expert staff. Call us at 205.267.1300.

Why Spaying/Neutering your Pet is Crucial

There are many health and community benefits associated with spaying/neutering your pet. Contact our veterinarian in Birmingham AL today 205-267-1300.

Pet Loss

Author: Rocky Ridge Animal ClinicDate:2017-06-28
Pet loss can be an extremely difficult time for the owners of the deceased. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

Choosing A Pet

Author: Rocky Ridge Animal ClinicDate:2017-06-28
The most important part of choosing a pet for your family is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Learn more about the process here.