Pet Boarding

Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic offers a premier boarding facility that is all indoors and climate controlled. Our feline guests have their own wing. We have both spacious cages and indoor runs in our kennel. We do not leash walk our guests. Instead, they are taken out to a fenced-in play area three times daily to exercise. We also offer One on one attention boarding, which entitles your pet to a human companion that interacts with your pet while in the play yard. We invite you to come by and tour our boarding facilities. You are guaranteed to be impressed. Animals must be current on the following vaccines: Distemper-Parvo and Leptospirosis, Kennel Cough (bi-annually), Rabies, intestinal parasite screen (bi-annually), and Flu. If your pet has fleas upon arrival for boarding they will be given a product to kill the fleas.

Regular Boarding: $30/night

Boarding with medications $35/night

Sunday Discount Boarding $10

Discounts available on extended boarding
(ex: Greater than 2 weeks)

ARE NOT refundable, they will be applied to the boarding for that Holiday/Days only.
NO SHOW or CANCELING is a forfeiture of the deposit.

MEDICATIONS: ARE NOT returnable or refundable for any reason

    Would you like to schedule a bath?
    Would you like to schedule a nail trim?
    Would you like to schedule a grooming?

    NOTE: We will review your reservation and reach out to you if there are any vaccines or items your pet is required to have in order to board at Rocky Ridge Animal Clinic.