What To Look For In A Pet
The most important part of choosing a pet for your family is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Make sure that you do research on the type of pet that you are interested in. Decide if you would like a low maintenance dog like a Beagle or a high maintenance dog like a Shih Tzu or Maltese that will require combing often as well as monthly grooming. Longhaired cats also require more grooming and combing than short-haired cats.

Questions you should ask are:
How much time and expense will I need to put forth for grooming my pet?

How much exercise will my pet need?

Example: Border collies are wonderful dogs, but they need a lot of exercise and a lot of room to play, therefore they may not make good pets for an apartment dweller or someone who works long hours.

What type of medical care will my pet need?
Always ask the breeder that you are purchasing a puppy from questions about health and disposition of the parents. Also, ask your breeder for a reference from their veterinarian and call them. The vet can tell you if the parents have had any genetic medical conditions that you should be aware of. Make sure you ask specific questions, such as if the puppy’s parents have had any skin, ear or eye problems. The best question to ask the vet is if they would purchase a puppy from this breeder.