The Importance of Dental Health and Your Pet

Just as people need regular dental care, so do pets. Dental cleaning and checkup are vital for your pet’s overall health. Studies suggest that 70 percent of cats and 80 percent of dogs experience periodontal disease by the time they turn three. It can have negative consequences on the animal’s health. All pet owners should understand the benefits of taking their pets to the vet for dental care.

Dental Disease in Pets

Dental disease affects teeth, gums, and other supporting oral structures. The condition begins with the buildup of plaque that contains bacteria and food debris on the teeth. The plaque hardens, becoming tartar, which is visible above the gumline. Tartar below the gumline may not be visible, but it can cause serious problems.

Having clean and shiny teeth does not mean your pet’s dental health is good. Tartar can cause inflammation, damaging the structures that support the teeth and causing problems. A veterinarian can help remove the tartar below the gumline.

Signs of Dental Disease

Some signs can indicate your pet has dental disease. They include:

  • Bad breath

  • Loose teeth

  • Broken teeth

  • Bleeding or painful mouth

  • Excessive drooling

  • Inability or refusal to eat or drink

Keeping Your Pets Teeth Clean

Taking care of your pet’s dental health is something you should do regularly. Apart from annual dental cleaning, it is vital to ensure regular at-home oral care. Brushing your pet’s teeth several days a week will help remove food debris, preventing bacteria buildup.

Use a safe pet toothpaste recommended by your vet. You can also use dental treats, especially for pets that do not like having their teeth brushed. Providing dental toys, such as chews, can help keep your pet’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

Importance of Pet Dental Care

Ensuring your pet has a healthy mouth is critical for his health and happiness. Reasons for pet dental care include:

  • To prevent tooth loss

  • Preventing oral pain

  • Preventing the risk of organ damage

  • To prevent halitosis or bad breath

  • To prevent the development or worsening of dental disease

Professional Dental Cleaning

It is necessary to know that professional dental cleaning is performed while the animal is under anesthesia. It protects the animal and the vet and allows for effective cleaning above and below the gumline. The vet uses dental tools to remove all hardened plaque and tartar. Using a polishing paste, the vet will smooth any scratches on the enamel.

A sealant or fluoride treatment is applied to the teeth to desensitize and strengthen them. It will also help prevent the development of more tartar. Dental X-rays allow the vet to check for any dental issues.

Proper dental care will help protect your pet from dental issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. The vet will check the teeth, looking for infections, broken teeth, retained baby teeth, and other issues that need attention.

Remember, dental problems can affect the pet’s organs. The vet will recommend the best dental checkup and cleaning schedule for your pet.

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